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Public Image and Effective Communications

Public Image and Effective Communications – Help for Clubs:

**From Brian Amey PDG; District Public Image Committee Chair

The District is now offering a Public Image/Public Relations Toolkit to clubs to help them develop an image in their community and attract new members with the skills and interest that will grow their club. Also to insure internal communications are effective and help to retain existing members. The toolkit is essentially a collection of useful articles and papers and links to publications and videos focusing on image building and communication using Social Media, Club Websites and Newsletters. But also there are materials to help with Media Relations including several sample news releases for print and/or broadcast media. The Toolkit is included on the Public Image Committee Webpage. Click here to go there.

We will welcome feedback and best practice examples in addition to the Tool Kit the list below will give us more material to enlarge the kit. Please contact me; Brian Amey PI Committee Chair. (Click his name here or on the Committee page).

Here are some of the Rotary subjects we are looking for feed back;

* Training members to all use Word of Mouth to promote Rotary

* Follow-up with Meeting Guests

* Follow-up with Club Event Participants

* Direct Marketing (Direct Mail)

* Displays at Club and Community Events

* Brochures

* Promotional Giveaways

* Displays in high traffic areas (trains, busses, stations, taxis, etc)

* Billboards

* Radio

* Cable

* Television

* Promotional Giveaways


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The History of Rotary

Posted in 2007 this is a seven-and-a-half minute video that summarizes significant milestones of Rotary’s first century of service.


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Amazing Rotarians in action!


Great meeting at the Tribury Club on August 6,2015. Thank you Past President John Monteleone, PAG. Ron Webb, and all members for your hospitality and kindness. Thank you for your Foundation giving. Amazing, 100% sustaining members; you Rotarians rock!


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This Is How Nigeria Beat Polio

A quarter-century campaign brings the world tantalizingly close to eradicating a disease


It’s easy not to notice a negative. A house burns down on your block and it’s all you can talk about. But a house doesn’t burn down? Where’s the news?

Still, absence can be the stuff of headlines, and that fact has rarely been truer than it is in Nigeria today—where health officials are celebrating a full year without a single case of polio. A polio-free Nigeria means a polio-free Africa, since it was the only country left of the 47 on the continent where the crippling disease was still endemic. The virus, which as recently as 1988 was endemic in 128 countries, crippling 350,000 children per year, has now been cornered in just two places—Afghanistan and Pakistan, and it’s barely hanging on there. Wipe polio out in those last two redoubts and it will become only the second disease in history—after smallpox—to have been vaccinated out of existence.


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Rotary International Holds 2015 Convention

2015 Rotary International Convention

Michael Kuzniewski's WordPress Blog

Since 2010, Michael Kuzniewski has served as superintendent of J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 in Cicero, Illinois. Outside of his professional pursuits, Michael Kuzniewski works closely with several community groups, including his local Rotary Club.

Recently, more than 14,500 Rotary members from over 150 countries gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the 2015 Rotary International Convention. The four-day event, which took place June 6-9 at the Anhembi Convention Center, gave attendees the opportunity to form partnerships with other Rotary members, celebrate Rotary’s recent successes, and learn about new Rotarian projects.

In addition to networking and learning activities, the 2015 Rotary Convention included presentations from several renowned speakers, including Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the former president of Costa Rica. The event wrapped up with a speech from Rotary International president K.R. Rivindran and a performance featuring Brazilian pop singer Ivete Sangalo.

Following the…

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